Kenana Knitters is a grassroots organization situated in Njoro Kenya. Kenana Knitters creates a range of plush toys; accessories and clothing hand knitted out of organic cotton and home spun wool, which is dyed with plant dyes. Kenana Knitters is committed to paying a fair wage and to creating high quality organic products that are environmentally friendly.

Kenana employs over 500 knitters. They believe that woman are the heartbeat of their communities and their ethos is to make a significant social impact in rural Kenya by empowering woman to take charge of their lives through dignified work in a safe working environment. They pride themselves by operating within the cultural context of the daily demands of rural Kenyan woman including farming and tending their children with respect to the environmental challenges.

The sale of Kenana Knitters helps these woman knit a brighter future through additional skills development offerings. Through sales Kenana Knitters is able to find clinics and services at no extra cost to the knitters and their family members. We are proud to be the distributors of Kenana Knitters here in Southern Africa and abroad.